Hair Toppers for Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

From finding the perfect Topper to fitting, blending, styling and maintenance...we have you covered!

Alternative Hair from Jon Renau

Alchemy now offers private consultations for those with beginning, mid/progressive and advanced stages of hair loss. Our topper expert Estella, can navigate you through your stage of hair loss and recommend the right Topper fit for your lifestyle.

It all begins with the consultation, where Estella will talk through your concerns and expectations of alternative hair. She will then take your measurements to ensure the best fit for your stage of hair loss. All options of hair fibers will be thoroughly explained along with the care and maintenance of the Topper. It will take 2-4 days for your new Topper to arrive, then you come back in for a free fitting.

Estella will ensure you order the right product, then style and color your new Topper to blend with your hair. The maintenance is minimal; she even gives you the products in a take home kit and shows you how to use them!
Cleanse and condition $ 25
Custom color for human hair Topper $35-75

*Pieces may be brought in during your color or cut service or they may be dropped off at the salon and picked up within 2 days. 
** It is always suggested to call in advance for availability. 

All toppers are a custom order and will require a 50% deposit.
All merchandise is a final sale.

"Approximately 1 in 4 women in the US suffer from hair loss"

Stages of Hair Loss
Beginning - Hair loss begins in a diffused pattern on top of head; minimal loss..
Mid/Progressive - Hair loss becomes more noticeable may start to see more scalp.
Advanced - Hair loss is very noticeable, scalp is clearly visible. 

During the beginning, mid and advanced stages of hair loss you may not not require a full hair system/wig, an addition or “Topper” can successfully cover the noticeably thinning area(s). All Toppers are designed to blend seamlessly with your biological hair. Toppers come in all shapes sizes and lengths, some offer more coverage on top , and others aim to cover the sides or crown area. While others add volume for fine hair. 

Most people normally shed about 100 strands a day . But with about 100,000 hairs in the scalp , this amount of hair loss shouldn't cause noticeable thinning. Gradual thinning is a normal part of aging . However , hair loss may lead to baldness when the rate of shedding exceeds the rate of regrowth, when new hair is thinner than the hair shed or when hair comes out in patches. 

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